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Corporate Investigations Newcastle

Our corporate investigations Newcastle are a very discreet and highly professional company. With over 25 years experience in the corporate field our Newcastle corporate investigations team are highly motivated to find results. They are trained to very high standards and skilled to merge into any commercial or corporate environment. When you employ Private Detective Newcastle you are hiring the best private investigators in Newcastle.

When talking to our Newcastle based corporate investigations team make sure your individual private eye has all the relevant information. Hiring a private investigator in Newcastle will give you access to a private investigation service dedicated to ascertaining the full facts behind your enquiry.

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Newcastle Corporate Investigations

When buying a business it is your responsibility to make sure everything is in order. Corporate investigations Newcastle are able to help you through the process of Due Diligence. Having done your initial research into the company you are interested in you must verify the information about the new prospective business. Our corporate private investigations team will make sure you have check the three main types of due diligence, legal, financial and commercial. Hiring a private investigator in Newcastle will answer areas of concern about whether there is a legal title to sell, if there any black holes in the finances and finding out how the company stands in the market it is based in. Private Detective private investigation services will get you a true picture of the whole company. They will highlight any areas of concern that need to be addressed before you sign on the dotted line. Don't take any chances.

Corporate Investigations in Newcastle

A client of Private Detective Newcastle is a director of a garden supply company who wants to investigate a couple of his employees. The client told our private investigator business that he suspects the employees are stealing from the till. The client believes that they are somehow not giving the correct change to customers or charging them for things they have not bought and they are getting away with it. The client was only suspicious when several customers complained about their behaviour and the wrong change they received from the employees. We told the client that we would be able to set up a lie detector test on his employees. The test is an hour long and at the end of the hour the answer will be available. All that's needed is a room big enough to hold the test, the consent of all who participate and an array of questions to be asked during the session. The client felt he will finally get closer on this problem.

The client was ecstatic to finally have a shot at catching these two employees out as they had been a really bad at every job he had given them. The client was able to gain consent from the boys as they saw it as a big joke. He was ready with his questions, which he said took him a couple hours to write and he decided that the staff room was a big enough place to hold the test. Our highly skilled lie detector examiner private investigator started and finished the test within forty five minutes, one of the employees cracked during the test and admitted that he and his friend had been taking some of the customers change, over the three years they had made over a thousand pounds in change. However the other employee was not going to give up easily, the lie detector had to prove his guilt. Both of the young men were found to be lying and client called in the police who arrested the employees and took them to the police station.