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Let Private Detective Newcastle help with your nanny monitoring needs. From background checks, to ensuring your wishes are being carried out by your employee, nanny monitoring in Newcastle will make sure you have all the facts. The happiness and safety of your babies is paramount. Leave nothing to chance and let us take care of your nanny monitoring in Newcastle.

It is so important to be happy with your child care arrangements. Make sure you speak to nanny monitoring Newcastle to ensure you carry out the most up to date checks before employing anyone.Our private detectives in Newcastle will make sure you have the right information.

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Newcastle Nanny Monitoring

Nanny monitoring Newcastle do enjoy thinking outside the box. This was certainly the case when a client contacted our private detective Newcastle investigations team. Being a lady of means she took great pride in her handbag collection. She had many duplicates but they were all individual to her. Just recently she had the feeling that her collection was being used and then returned as if nothing had happened. A strange case even for our expert private detectives. Suspicion was pointing to the new, part time,nanny who had shown great interest in the collection. Private detective Newcastle decided to fit small GPS trackers in some of the handbags with the aim of following their movements.Within 24 hours the first bag was residing at the nanny's home address , followed a few days later by a few more. The private detectives in Newcastle also noticed the bags all going to one particular venue one night! the truth was out. The nanny was hiring out the handbags for �25 a night and returning them, hopefully before they were missed.

Nanny Monitoring in Newcastle

A client of Private Detective Newcastle wants to know if her child's nanny keeps leaving her daughter at her school because she is to busy having sexual relations with the clients husband. The client has had even of these lies and secrecy which are ruining her life. All she needs it some proof that the nanny is neglecting her daughter and sleeping with her husband to be able to fire the nanny and then divorce her husband. She cant get rid of the nanny know because her husband is having a sexual relationship with her he will not let her be fired and the client does not want to tell the client that she knows he's having sexual relations with the nanny. The clients daughter is even starting to suspect that something in their relationship which is not right its affecting the child's school work behaviour and grades making people deeply concerned.

We told the client that we could set up a single period of six hour surveillance with one or two of are highly trained operatives the higher amount of operatives makes a greater chance of not losing the subject. This surveillance would result in knowing where the nanny is and where her and the clients husband are going fir these sexual acts. The client decided to go for one operative for a single period of six hour surveillance. Our client left for work and left her daughter to be cared for by the nanny. The nanny dropped the daughter at school and drove to a motel were she meet the clients husband they went into the room kissing passionately. The report on the clients husband and the nanny was shown to the client with the report she fired her nanny and kicked her husband out because she had the proof.