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The term surveillance can be classified into two types- one is static or stable surveillance and the other one is dynamic or mobile surveillance. Static or fixed surveillance is carried out by the use of covert or hidden cameras that has been fitted by a private investigator in an area that will capture the desired footage. On the other hand, mobile or dynamic surveillance is generally carried on by two detectives who follow the subject of the investigation taking video and photographic evidence of all the activities of the suspicious person.

Private Investigator Newcastle have the reputation of the long past 25 years in this regard. Our private detectives in Newcastle UK have made records of history in this field. Our private agency always offers her best investigators in surveillance as they can cope with any situation. Our private investigators are highly professional, well educated, good mannered and well behaved. They can turn the wheel of success in the most difficult circumstances.

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Recently a young husband came to our friendly Private Investigator Newcastle office and expressed his desire to take our most suitable surveillance service. He wished to know what his dearest wife was doing and what for. He recently suspected that his wife was not going to work at the pub she claimed she worked at. He searched quite a few days to find out her there but he did not find her there. Rather the manager of the pub informed him that she was not working there four months ago because they fired her for corruption. But the wife did not tell about her firing from the job and she used to return home late. So, suspicion spread in the mind of the husband. That's why he sought for our private agency's help to hire private investigators.

Surveillance in Newcastle

Our private detectives in Newcastle UK took the surveillance case in hands and promised the husband to find out the truth. At first, our private eye followed her several days to make sure where the wife exactly went for. Our private investigators in Newcastle found out that she went for several houses and stayed there long. They also made sure that the woman was nothing but a professional whore. Our detectives in Newcastle took secretly some intimate photographs and video footage of the immoral lady and her customers.

When our private detectives handed the results of this surveillance to our client, the man was stuck in disappointment and despair. He became very sad by remembering that he was dwelling with a professional whore. He hired an attorney and made arrangements of divorcing her. At first the immoral lady did not want to accept the accusation but when she was shown the burning evidence, she admitted silently. Our client wholeheartedly thanked for our valuable surveillance.