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Are you looking for some of you relative or friend who is ?missing?? no matter how much time is passed you still can find him out ! Private Investigator Newcastle can help you find them out, we do have astonishing track record in these kind of investigations as well .

There is an ongoing trend to compile family tree these days, but how to figure out the missing links? We have been working for years helping many people to find out their missing links, which may be their biological parents or children, uncle or aunts.

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Newcastle Missing Persons

A client of Private Detective Newcastle is a sorrowful woman who needs to find her son. The client has not seen her son in ten years and needs to know where he is, she has not seen him in ten years because the client did not enjoy the company of her sons girlfriend who is now his wife and mother to her three grandchildren. The client needs to find her son to apologise for not being discrete about disliking his wife, the client wants to apologies to her daughter-in-law as well face to face. The client really wants to see her grandchildren for the first time and be a part of their life's, she has already miss so much she feels she cannot afford to miss anymore. The client feels that she has finally gained a constructive opinion on the whole situation and she has been in the wrong for so long.

Missing Persons in Newcastle

We told the client that we would be able to set up an investigation into the client's son. The information given to us would make the investigation easier and quicker. We could do a week or two week investigation where are highly trained and skilled operatives would be able to investigate into this man's contact details and his current location. When and if we found the details a full report would be written and sent to the client explaining what happened during the whole one week investigation. We cannot make it a definite thing that we find what the client wants because in some cases it does not even exist however if the information is there for us to find we will find it, however the investigation ends up all scenarios will be posted in a detailed report we send. The client understood this completely and was OK to continue.

The client was so relieved to finally have a solution for the whole situation. The client went for a single week's investigation because she believed to find a location and contact details she would not need to have another weeks investigation, if the client wanted or needed another weeks' worth of investigation she could ask for one and we will continue are investigation. We took the information that the client had given us and started are investigation into the subject. We were able to find contact details and a current address of the client's son. The client took this information from the report and decided to contact her son though his email and organised a meeting in London for them to have a well dissevered chat over lunch. The client's son agreed to the meeting, the client meet her son for lunch and apologised and explained herself, how she wanted to meet her grandchildren, apologies face to face to her daughter-in-law. The client's son invited her to go home with him and meet the kids and have the opportunity to talk to his wife. The client accepted the offer and went to her son's house, now they're a happy family.