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Have you ever faced the frustrating moments when computer hangs and crashes a lot indicating a severe issue with it Private Investigator Newcastle do have a team of forensic investigators who used to investigate into such computer related issues and problems , it can also recover your virus contaminated data and system.

You can have your lost data retrieved by using our pc forensic service not only this but there a lot more things which we offer for example if you are worried about your child's online activities and want to keep an eye on them , in this case also we can provide you help

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A client of Private Detective Newcastle is a bothered man who wants to have his phone checked as he believes that someone is using it. The client first suspected someone to be using his phone when he received his phone bill and saw how much the total was. The client phoned the phone company and what it was all about but they could not help him because he had no prove it wasn't him. He looked at the numbers and times he rang them, they were all engaged. He had been at work leaving his phone in his locked locker. The client wants the situation sorted before he has to pay for another massive phone bill. The client contacted the police but they cannot do anything for him as he has no proof of someone else operating his mobile. The client suspects one of the kids at the school are the culprit.

PC Forensics in Newcastle

Investigators briefed the client that we would be able to have our forensic team fit his phone with spy software. The software would be allowed on the phone because it was the client's phone. The spy soft-ware would be on the phone for a week, in this week we would try to see what was going on with the client's phone, if the client's phone was not being used in the week set we would be able to keep the software in for another week if the client wanted to go down that route. The software is able to report what the phone is doing, when the phone is used, who it has rang etc. The evidence collected is admissible in court if the client wanted to take the padlocked locker opening, phone user to pay for the services they used on the clients phone as he paid the bill.

The client was excited that we are there to help. The client sent his phone off to our forensic team; our forensic team was able to install our software and sent the phone back to the client. The client received his phone back. He went to work; he works in the local school as a grounds keeper and is always in different parts of the school, he has a locker which he locks and leaves his valuables in. The client placed his phone in his locker and started work as usual. Monitoring the phone using the software he had put on it we were able to see when his phone was being used, we decided to phone the client on a disposable when someone was using his phone so he would be able to go into the locker room and see who it was. He started his shift, about an hour in to the client's shift someone was on his phone so as we discussed we phoned the client; he drove over in a golf buggy to the locker room to see who it was. It was one of the students who had had their smart phone confiscated at home.