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Private Investigations Newcastle

Our Newcastle Private Investigations are carried out by our private investigators at Private Detective Newcastle. We have had great success in carrying out many great and helpful services for our clients

If you require an investigation for any reason be it personal or for your company then our Newcastle Private Investigations will be the best thing for you

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Newcastle Private Investigations

A client of Private Detective Newcastle is a frustrated woman who wants to know if and who her husband is seeing. The clients husband is never home for family event and their three children are starting to question where he his, who he is with and why he's not there. The client first suspected that her husband may be had a mistress when he had a woman's perfume on his body and red lipstick on his collar. The client believes that her husband had an affair a couple years before, she confronted him about it there and then however he and his crack team of layers where about to make it all disappear. The client decided it would be best to keep the fact she knows he is having an affair until she has the evidence to prove it and guaranties that he and his layers cannot hide it away from everyone.

Private Investigations in Newcastle

We told the client that we could set up a single period of six hour surveillance with one or two of are highly trained operatives the higher amount of operatives makes a greater chance of not losing the subject. This surveillance would result in knowing where the client's husband was and who he was spending his time with including photographic proof of what he was doing with the person. All the evidence collected from the surveillance could be used as bulletproof evidence against her cheating husband in court. We cannot promise the outcome that the client wants but if there is any evidence that her husband is cheating we will find it and gather up the evidence showing the facts. If the surveillance becomes too exciting at the end we will ring the client and explain the situation and see if he wants to continue the six hours of surveillance.

The client decided to go for two operative for two periods of six hour surveillance which would follow up on each other, so the husband would be followed from midday to midnight. The surveillance on the client's husband started at midday, the client's husband was on his lunch break at work, he went back to work at one o'clock. The client's husband didn't leave work till four o'clock. From work the client's husband went to a housing estate, a single house to be specific, he went in and didn't leave till eight o'clock, when he left he handed over what looked like five hundred pounds to the woman. From the prostitute he went to a Chinese restaurant where he met another lady for dinner, after dinner the client's husband took her to their flat in the city and did not leave till quarter to twelve. From then the client's husband went home and the surveillance ended. We sent the report which contained video and photographic proof to the client, from then she took her husband to court, his crack team of layers could not build a strong enough defence against the client and she has full custody over their children.