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A Newcastle Lie detector test will help you to ascertain the truth, whether you are being accused or are accusing someone else of wrong doing. Private detective newcastle work with you to ensure that the test will be carried out with a sensitive nature. The accuracy is of the tests is vitally important. Lie detector tests in Newcastle are only carried out by fully qualified polygraph specialists.

For your peace of mind Lie Detector test in Newcastle examiners can conduct your test in your home or you can use a local hotel or meeting room. The time and date will be arranged to fit in with your schedule. Weekend and evening appointments are conducted at no extra cost.

Newcastle Lie Detector Test

As a carer your priority is to the individual you are caring for. A sudden change in a family's attitude to led a carer calling Private Detectives Newcastle. Our chief private detective learnt how accusations about missing valuables were making life impossible. However so convinced of her innocence our client was determined to stay on and let the old lady, who she cared for, really see who the cheats and liars were. Aprivate investigation into one of the family members led our private investigatir to believe that a lie detector test in Newcastle would totally exonerate our client. The results were conclusive and the son in law broke down to confess that he had deliberately set out to get our client sacked. The rest of the family were beside themselves with grief and made sure that the carer had an immediate pay rise and extra responsibilities for the old lady.

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Lie Detector Test in Newcastle

A client of Private Detective Newcastle is a woman and book shop owner who wants to know if her employee is taking lose change and tip box money. The client firstly thought that it was a customer, who is a rebellious youth who had been caught stealing and selling the books before and might have moved onto stealing from the tip box, however, the kid has moved to a different town so he cannot be the thief. The Client told our private detective investigators that the only other people it can be are the three employees. The first employee is an elderly gentleman who doesn't need to steal, but that can not be said for the other two employees. The client believes that they may need to take the tip box money as well as the lose change because they are younger and have lots of expensive wants and needs.

Our private detectives told the client that we would be able to set up a lie detector test for her employees to take. Our Newcastle private detective told our client that the test would take around an hour and at the end of the hour the answer will be available. All that's needed is a room big enough to hold the test, the consent of all participants and a array of questions the client wanted asked during the examination. The client was pleased to finally know who it is stealing and if it is a member of staff. It seemed that during the test, all of the clients employees were nervous but the examiner told the client that this was a normal reaction of most test takers. The results of the test came through at the end of the test and revealed that the new boy was taking the money. He pleaded that he needed it to pay back a gambling debt. He had quite a big debt and he was struggling on his salary whilst paying back the debt. The client fired the employee and told him that he should have talked to her instead of stealing other peoples money.