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To make sure that your employees are working for you contact private detective Newcastle. The team in charge of Newcastle employee monitoring can advise you of the ways to collect evidence without causing any disruption to the working day. With employee monitoring in Newcastle you can see how the options available will help your business.

Private detective Newcastle know that many businesses lose valuable money and time due to unproductive employees. Our employee monitoring Newcastle team have seen the effect this can have on companies and have numerous methods available to help each individual business. Hiring a private detective, to look into how productive your employees are, is a small price to pay to ensure the continued success of your company.

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Newcastle Employee Monitoring

Whilst carrying out his normal duties at work, a member of staff at a local company, broke his hand. After a long absence off sick it transpired that the employee was now claiming to be suffering with arthritis. The decision to hire a private investigator, with specialist knowledge of employee monitoring in Newcastle, was quickly made and the staff member was under surveillance by Private Detective Newcastle . All remained quiet for a few days but then a builders van arrived at the home address. The target was seen by our team from Private Investigator Newcastle, driving off in the van. At the vans destination, men both proceeded to unload 3 large arcade slot machines and carry them into a sports club. Further covert work saw the target involved in more heavy lifting. This evidence was more than sufficient for the company to demand explanations.

Employee Monitoring in Newcastle

A frustrated client of Private Detective Newcastle is a man who owns a golf club and needs to know if one of his employees is stealing from him. The client believes that people are scuba diving his lakes and stealing golf balls. Golf balls in the lakes of the golf course belong to the client, however due to the fact good golf balls are expensive people want to get them for free and sell them off at expensive rates. We told the client that we could set up a single period of six hour surveillance with two of our highly trained Private Investigator Newcastle, one detective on each lake. This surveillance would result in knowing if people were diving for balls and if so who they were. Due to the fact that the golf course is private land the lost golf balls belong to the client, it is classed as thief and is a punishable offence.

The client was ecstatic that we were able to set up some surveillance and hopefully catch these thief's. The client was shocked to hear that we could do the surveillance right away that very night; he agreed to have two private detectives one on either lake. The surveillance started at around eleven o'clock as the course shut at ten. Nothing really started till about one o'clock in the morning when the south lake had signs of a man with a flash light walking toward the lake, gathering up the golf balls as he went with scuba gear and then dropped into the lake and disappeared apart from the light of his torch. Fifteen minutes later in the East Lake it seems that someone else was also fishing for balls. The two scuba divers were followed back to the staff quarters of the golf course and unmasked; throughout the investigation the operatives were taking photos and videos. They were two of the caddies who were just looking for a quick buck; they were fired and reported to the police.